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LGBT vs. Christianity — The Stakes Part II

Here is the second part of Dan McLaughlin’s piece at the Federalist: Can Gays and Christians Coexist?

Supporting Marriage Is Not Jim Crow

Christianity survived the demise of slavery and segregation without the slightest harm to any doctrine, teaching, or passage of scripture of any significance. Indeed, the end of those unjust institutions freed Christians […]

Better Late Than Never

Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution The circumstances for Dr. Ranjan Batra almost inadvertently inserting herself into Mississippi state history are accidental at best. After seeing Lincoln in theaters last November, he went home and did a little bit of Internet research only to discover the Mississippi never got around to […]

Run, runaway

Oh, hell yes!!! Made all the sweeter in that Trent Reznor probably has no idea a nine inch nails song’s used throughout this trailer …

H/T — Shane Covey, one bad-ass guitarist (and cool guy)

Original Intent

Here’s a nice piece by Joseph Ellis from American Heritage Magazine on slavery, the Founders, and the second Great Compromise in Philadelphia. One of the ideas I constantly give to my students is to judge people from their historical context — not to excuse evils or whatever but to more accurately understand what happened […]

New Delta Tau Chi Name: Frederick Dumbass

It seems pledge Dumbass has waded — finally — into the LeBron James free agent “no ring” circus. Of course the Cleveland Cavaliers can’t just be pathetic, sympathetic, spurned, foolish, betrayed or whatever you feel went down in the whole spectacle… no — Cleveland must be racist:

Jesse Jackson criticized Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert […]

The Inconvenient Truth

In the credit where credit is due category… check out this op-ed in The New York Times by Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (of beer summit fame) on slavery reparations. It’s almost a month old… it is so hard to believe it didn’t get more coverage in the press (though to be fair the […]

The Great Well of China

The Atlantic has a fascinating (read worrisome) piece on China — the new empire as China invests billions in Africa and even in South America in its ever growing need for resources. From the piece:

All across Africa, new tracks are being laid, highways built,ports deepened, commercial contracts signed—all on an unprecedented scale, and led […]

Reparations Should Be Paid by Democrats

Facebook, good for far more than catching up with old classmates and people you barely know. Blogger and FB friend Rick Moore tells it like very obviously is when it comes to the Democrats’ attempts to re-write history yet again, sharing former San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock’s take on last week’s planned legislation. Gee, […]