He Always Dies in the End

Oh Bubble Boy…..

What was supposed to be a thrilling ride down a ski slope inside a giant inflatable ball ended in tragedy for the two Russian men inside.

The transparent plastic ball — called a zorb — veered off course and sailed over a precipice in the rugged Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. […]

Somebody Call Washington Irving!

Gloria Gaynor sang a song just for this guy:

A man who police claimed had been snowed in ‘for months’ has been pulled alive from a car northern Sweden.

The man, aged in his 40s, was rescued after a passer-by on a snowscooter noticed the top of the car on the deserted and […]

Como Se Dice “Holy Crap!” en Slovakian?

a little too much snow on the roof — not a good thing.

Knight In Snow’s Service

h/t: JJ

Punch Back Twice As Hard

A little Chris Christie vs. Rudy Giuliani for this Friday morning?

Don’t Trust It

If this story from The New York Post is true — it’s criminal — in addition to being exhibit 45,890 how unions have exhausted their usefulness. Or it could be a planted story by Bloomberg’s people to avoid blame.

Selfish Sanitation Department bosses from the snow-slammed outer boroughs ordered their drivers to snarl […]

Wussy Galore

Above is Steve Van Buren, Eagles HOF running back scoring the only touchdown in 7-0 victory over the Chicago Cardinals in the 1948 NFL Championship Game in Shibe Park, Philadelphia. Last night’s Philadelphia Eagles v. Minnesota Vikings games was postponed by the NFL to Tuesday because of blizzard-like conditions. 11 inches! I doubt the […]