Tuesday Open Thread

Starvin’ Marvin and his tribe will have enough to eat after all — Season One South Park Thanksgiving

Friday Open Thread — Hey There Mister Muslim!

Be warned this is definitely NSFW but it is pretty funny. Merry Christmas!

Weekly piles of %*#^

For Outlaw and our fellow South Park enthusiasts. Documentary followed by the amazing “It’s a Jersey Thing” episode.

Hall of Fame, Corrected (Vol. 7.5)

Super-fan Brooke (aka milady) takes the reins for today’s selections. So many choices, but only six of our personal faves this week (seven technically). Howsabout you, Threedonia, what’re yours?

Also, please don’t forget to check your local theatre listings for next week’s premieres of God Bless Ozzy Osbourne.


The King or Queen as it were of TWSS

But wait that’s not all!


Terrorists Are The Wackiest People

Osama bin Laden Has Farty PantsTags: SOUTHPARKmore…

If you want to see how Bin Laden bought it South Park called it almost 10 years ago. There’s also a special appearance by Stevie Nicks! For the whole episode go to the link below…

Osama Has Farty Pants!


Mister Garrison says,

Merry F’n Christmas!

Don’t watch this if you are easily offended, a Muslim, Hindu or Shintoist…other than that this video is funny as hell.

Mr. Hankey’s Christmas ClassicsTags: SOUTHPARKmore…

And if your South Park fix isn’t sated by this clip go watch the episode Woodland Critter Christmas HERE.


Cartman was right!

Long Live Bing!!!

Google, the mega-successful search-engine folks (yay, capitalism!!!), couldn’t find it in themselves to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11 last month. However, they have been giving John Lennon, who would have turned 70 today, a posthumous tongue-bath this weekend. I do my best not traffic Google (a co-worker told me about it yesterday […]

I Got 20 Out of 25 Right

It’s a little over a year since Reason challenged readers to correctly attribute statements made by two Threedonia favorites: Christopher Hitchens and the boys of South Park. In the wake of what I have dubbed dhimmigate, it seems apropos to resurrect the quiz. If you take it, post your score and no fibbing. Top […]