Walter Hill, an appreciation

While I’ll fully admit a healthy diet of VH-1 Classic’s “Metal Mania” videos this morning put me in a perfect 80s mood, a time when rock & roll and action movies didn’t take themselves so seriously, Bullet to the Head maintained that mood with a perfect combo of unapologetically senseless violence and usually corny one-liners […]

From the Trailer Park

Crash, boom, bang-bang!!!

Grace Jones Ain’t Got $*%# on Me!!!

Rediscovered Demolition Man recently, a movie that would have felt much more at home in the 80s, before art-house got a little more mainstream (Pulp Fiction, Usual Suspects, Fargo) and exposed action dialogue for all its likable clunkiness, like you couldn’t dig the ham and be cool. More importantly, Sylvester Stallone could still be […]