Sunday Open Thread

Super Bowl Thread

A bit late to the game… Ravens up 14-3 so far and the 49ers QB is looking like a rookie. This Oreo is my pick for best ad so far — unless a certain son’s ad plays.

Super Fly (Over)

This video is a few years old, but NFL Films did this on pregame flyovers and it’s pretty awesome. I love the reaction shots of the players and coaches… nothing impresses like raw power and speed. When the planes are yours it’s like being an awestruck kid. There’s even some helicopter love for Outlaw.


Are You Ready For Some Football — Super Bowl Edition

To ensure domestic tranquility, not to mention Belichick/Brady envy mixed with disdain (please lighten up, Francises!), it’s a “Go, Giants!” kinda day. Still, considering the potential bump to recruiting it’ll do to have Penn State Head Coach Bill O’Brien as Super Bowl Champion Offensive Coordinator on his resume, won’t be too heartbroken if the […]

Super Bowl Open Thread

OK sports fans… here’s the Super Bowl open thread. I won’t run it as a liveblog necessarily though it’s just me for the game…. my family to my everlasting chagrin and shame couldn’t give a tinker’s damn about football — my main failure in life thus far.


How Dare They?!?

Here is that outrageous and woman-hating anti-choice Tim Tebow ad that those homophobic zombie-worshiping Christianists aired in the Super Bowl pre-game. Stay tuned during the game for more woman-hating propaganda. Watch it — if you can.

/snark off/ Anyone who sees anything sinister in this ad needs some serious spiritual help. You are dead […]

F-f-f-f-fade away already

While I suppose we could have seen the choice of The Who as the 2010 Super Bowl halftime entertainment coming for miles and miles and miles, can’t help but think the Foo Fighters, probably the most popular (and across the board accessible) rock band of the next generation, can’t be too far down the […]