The Walking Thread: How It's Gotta Be (S8, E8)

There’s an old boxing expression that “everyone has a plan until they get hit”. Despite some hiccups (the massacre of the Kingdom’s troops, getting captured by Jadis), Rick’s plan to win the war was going pretty well, until things inevitably went wrong. Like every war, it all goes according to plan until it doesn’t. […]

The Walking Thread: Time For After (S8, E7)

TWD’s war-focused season 8 started out with a serious bang and kept the energy sustained for an impressive run, but in the last couple episodes the show has fallen into something of a lull as the focus has shifted to character and to setting up plot threads to be resolved later. In “Time For […]

The Walking Thread: The King, The Widow and Rick (S8, E6)

Handling such a large cast has always been a challenge on The Walking Dead, especially when many of them are relegated to their own separate storylines. After narrowing its focus in recent episodes to individuals and small groups, TWD gives us an episode that features most of the main cast and tries to move […]

The Walking Thread: The Big Scary U (S8, E5)

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but the big challenge with The Walking Dead has always been trying to find the right mix of action and character development. Give us too much action, and everyone complains that it’s just mindless bloodletting. Give us too much character interaction, […]

The Walking Thread: Some Guy (S8, E4).

Heavy is the head that wears a crown, indeed. With “Some Guy”, King Ezekiel finally gets his own episode, and TWD narrows its focus on him and his group (Carol, Jerry, etc.) and the completion of their mission against the Saviors, with a brief drop-in by Rick and Daryl. As a result, this episode […]

The Walking Thread: Monsters (S8, E3)

“Monsters” picks up right where Episode 2 left off, pushing the plot thread forward on each battle (or post-battle, as the case may be) sequence. It doesn’t have the punch of the season opener, but it’s solid and action-packed, with a few important character moments. It’s a good effective B-episode, but it’s so similar […]

The Walking Thread: The Damned (S8, E2)

With “The Damned”, TWD proves without a doubt that this season is living up to its tagline and overarching theme, All-Out War, and anyone who complained that last season moved too slow should definitely be satisfied. This episode is basically wall-to-wall action, barely pausing to take a momentary breath for Rick to look in […]

The Walking Thread: Mercy (S8, E1)

The Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead gives us the first big skirmish in the Saviors vs. Team Rick war, and it’s a solid, tense, well-made opening, though not as spectacular as some of the other season openers. People who complained about the pacing of the last season should be well satisfied here, […]

The Walking Thread: The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life (S7, E16)

TWD’s season finale kicks off the war against the Saviors in style, finally delivering the battle scene the last half-season has been building towards, and allowing one doomed character to go out in a rather unexpected and memorable way. It doesn’t reach the heights attained by the best episodes of past seasons, but it’s […]

The Walking Thread: Something They Need (S7, E15)

Season 7 builds toward the finale with an excellent penultimate episode that ramps up the action and puts all the pieces in place for next week’s final confrontation. To win the war against the Saviors, Team Rick will need two things: guns and courage. This episode is where they finally acquire the former, but […]