Last Five Watched, aka Holiday Weekend Netflix-a-looza

Nothing like a long holiday weekend to catch up with some of the latest offerings from Netflix streaming, adding one more “F” to Scott Baio’s tweet of four things to be thankful for on the fourth Thursdays of November: family, friends, food, football … and flicks!


The Iceman – Michael Shannon basically a […]

“With a pair of shoes like that?”

Blastin’ through

If you’re a Justified and/or Dave Alvin fan, enjoy the below and the upcoming soundtrack compilation for the show and solo Alvin album. If you’re neither, well, what’s wrong with you?

Raylan and “friend.” That is all (for now).

Two-ish months to Season 3 DVDs or Blu-Ray, three-ish to Season 4. The countdown’s on …

24 days

It begins again

Raylan actually back to using his firearm? Must be an odd-numbered season thing … and I like it.

Radio Free Threedonia — Special guest, special day (bumped)

It’s our first AM show (or live AM show as it is), so if you have any questions for Nick and you won’t be able to call in or go via the Right Talk Radio chat-room, please don’t forget to let us know in the comments here. In the immortal words of Frank Bartles and […]

You're welcome, ladies ... and real men

Four more months before I get my bad-ass man-crush on again. He’s big enough for the both of us, Wanks, and if’n it’s alright with you, we can alternate weekends.