Britain. Just Britain.

‘Merica! Not just better… quantifiably better. According to this piece in The Spectator’s Coffee House Blog — Great Britain would be our 50th richest state if it joined us a 51st state. So why is Britain poorer than all states save Mississippi?

Now and again, American inequality is on display to the world. We […]

Sunday Open Thread

33 years ago two days ago… perhaps the greatest sports moment on television, and I care not about hockey.

Women’s World Cup

Japan is the ramp, the girl is the U.S. team.

USA, Happy 234th!!!

Kender MacGowan, aka The Patriot Missile and occasional producer of Radio Free Threedonia, when not busy being a thorn in the side of any nonsense-spouting lefty, comes up with some poetic doozies. Here’s his latest …

Dear America,

You’re 234 years old today, and in some ways you are showing your age I […]

Insert proud chuckle here

To bum a line from “The Guns of Brixton” (I love co-opting socialists), you can bust us, you can bruise us, but you’ll have to answer to … the red, white and blue!!! Oldie, but still a damn goodie!