The U.S. Army’s Alan Parsons Project or “LASER”

It looks like my dream of owning a real Han Solo type blaster before I die just got a little m l ore real. In December, the U.S. Army successfully tested a vehicle-mounted laser, destroying more than 90 mortar rounds and several unmanned aerial drones.

And an Army official tells Yahoo News that the test […]

The Return of KP Duty?

I’m not sure what to make of this story from The Army Times:

Now that the Army’s training funds are scarce and soldiers have little to do outside the war zone, Army leaders are planning to put thousands to work in dining halls and as security guards.

Army leaders have approved a plan to […]

Well That Didn’t Take Long

On Thursday in this POST I told you about my fear of letting standards slip in the light of DOD’s policy change to allow women to serve in the Infantry and other former all male units.

Today I was greeted with the news that “Marty the Douchbag”, perhaps the worst Chairman of the Joint […]

A Winner

This is former Olympic bobsledder John Napier. He might be hard at work training for the 2014 Winter Olympics… if he wasn’t training to join a special forces unit.

As a bobsled pilot, he won gold and silver medals in the 2009 Lake Placid World Cup race, moving on to the Olympic team, competing […]

Next Chapter

Last April Outlaw’s friend and regular commenter Cougar67 sent me some pics of Outlaw’s “last flight” — a tradition for Army aviators on the road to retirement. Well… last week the Army and Outlaw made the arrangement official and Cougar67 again sent us a couple of pics. As he wrote me in an e-mail:

Hi […]

Who Is Bradley Manning?

There’s an interesting portrait of Bradley Manning — the Wikileaks traitor/tool of Julian Assange — and how he got where he is in The Washington Post. I’m a criminal justice type so even though I’m law and order… I’m still fascinated by criminal biographies… Here’s the long version:

In January 2010, more than […]

Outlaw’s Last Flight

Floyd Here: Outlaw’s friend and frequent Threedonia commenter 67Cougar notified me that Outlaw, who is soon to retire from the U.S. Army, recently took his last flight in celebration of his career and a job well done. He thought — and we all agree — that it would make a great post. Thank you for […]

Did I Say That Out Loud?

A colonel in Afghanistan was fired for speaking out (and out of school) on the administrivia that is the bane of his existence. Outlaw can vouch for the truth or falseness of the substance of this Colonel’s (former) rant on PowerPoint. I wager it’s very accurate. He may be as honest as Abe Lincoln… but […]

Much Ado… About Nothing?

According to the AP — a group of soldiers at Ft. Eustis in Virginia are claiming they were punished for not attending a Christian concert last May — Via Yahoo! News:

Pvt. Anthony Smith said he and other soldiers felt pressured to attend the May concert while stationed at the Newport News base, […]

Do Tell

Lt. Dan Choi (here pictured protesting Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by handcuffing himself to the White House fence) was discharged honorably by the New York Army National Guard for violating the policy. Here’s the story from AOL News:

One of the most prominent voices against the U.S. military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, who […]