In the Presence of Enemy Mines

USS Gladiator

Popular Science has an interesting piece on sea mines and the U.S. Navy’s capabilities against them:

There’s a line in the mine warfare community twisted from the United Negro College Fund slogan and gets (over) used all the time: “A mine is a terrible thing that waits.”

And waits and waits and […]

Naval Gazing into the Future

The U.S. Navy plans to unveil its new-fangled railgun this Summer. Star Wars references aside — the proper pop culture reference is the Wave Motion gun. From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

This summer, San Diego will host the public unveiling of a military weapon that the Navy’s chief scientist calls a Star Wars-like technology […]

Naval Gazing

The U.S. Navy is joining the U.S. Air Force in protecting our shores from terrorists suggestive cartoons and song lyrics.

In line with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s order for troops to have their workplaces searched for “degrading or offensive” materials — part of an attempt to curb sexual assault in the military — […]

Farewell Big E

The USS Enterprise was formally retired today in Norfolk, Virginia.

The 1,123-foot (342-metres) long Enterprise was commissioned in 1961 with eight nuclear reactors on board, and the next year was deployed to participate in a blockade of Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Since then, it has played a role in a number […]

It Always Bears Repeating

I just saw this U.S. Navy on the Olympics coverage. I’d never seen it before but I see it’s a few months old. Anyway… I hope this goes out on global coverage because the rest of the world needs to hear it. Good stuff and extra “America hell yeah!” points for Keith David.


The Alan Parsons Project Hits the Navy?

The U.S. Navy is claiming it will have a laser weapon ready for use in 4 years. From Wired’s Danger Room:

The dream of sailors, nerds and sailor-nerds everywhere is on the verge of coming true, senior Navy technologists swear. Within four years, they claim they’ll have a working prototype of a laser cannon, […]

Come Sail Away

World’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, ‘the Big E’ makes final voyage,

Farewell Enterprise and Godspeed.

They’ve Lost That Sinking Feeling

Here’s a story from FOXNews about a Navy program called Sinkex (Sinking Exercise) where they tow old ships put to sea and blow the bejeezus out of them. Guess who wants them to stop this exercise? That’s right… Gaia worshipers.

Navy documents state that among the toxic substances left onboard the America were […]

Save the Wails

The Gaia Cult is at it again… Suing the U.S. Navy to prevent sonar usage… for the whales.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Above is Lt. Cdr. (USN) Minter Dial who died in a Japanese POW camp in the Phillipines in 1945. He gave his Naval Academy ring to a fellow POW to give to his wife Lisa after the War… well… Smithsonian Magazine has the story of this ring…. and it’s a helluva ride. Thank God […]