Still At War

North Korea has been in the news a lot lately… executing a high ranking official, executing Christians, and capturing an American Korean War vet on a tourist visa in North Korea. It’s best to remember we have been at war with North Korea since 1950. The above book is about the USS Pueblo — […]

Yeah, That Will Fix The Problem…

From CDR Salamander

The U.S. Navy cracked down Monday on late-night drinking in Japan following a spate of alleged crimes involving U.S. servicemembers that occurred despite a month-old curfew.

In addition to the 11 p.m.-5 a.m. curfew for all American servicemembers in the country, active-duty sailors are prohibited from drinking alcohol from 10 p.m.- 8 […]

Feel Good Video of the Week

Welcome home, squid!!!


So This Is What We’ve Come To?

From BlackFive

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus plans to officially announce the naming of a Navy cargo ship after labor activist Cesar Chavez. The same Cesar Chavez with Marxist and Communist ties and who called his time in the Navy “the two worst years of my life.”


Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. Turbo and I are in San Diego this weekend celebrating our 14th anniversary (really Feb. 8).  Also having an anniversary… the Navy is celebrating 100 years of Naval aviation with a 200 plane parade and flyover of Coronado Bridge and around the island.  Awesome!  Story at the link below.

No… I’m […]

In Class With Floyd

Tonight in my Diplomatic History of the U.S. course I’ll briefly touch on our first Korean campaign in 1871 (we’re talking post-Civil War; Gilded Age diplomacy leading into World War 1) — or “Corea” as they liked to spell it. The above is Kwang Song-dong — an island fort — Korea’s strongest at the […]

I Feel Dirty Looking At This Photo

I’ve never watched a couple “refuel in mid-flight” before. And no… that’s not a euphemism.

The plane (bottom) of Navy Lt. Jeff McLean is refueled over Pakistan by the plane of his wife of one year, Christine McLean, whom he has not seen in six months. The photograph was taken by his wingman. […]