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2014 Music in Review: I'm in love, what's that format?

While the past year found more than a few CDs (plus two sweet slabs of new-release vinyl) added to the never-ending collection, I finally succumbed to the Spotify and Amazon Cloud playlist bug. Yup, an upgrade to a Droid with fancier bells and whistles (the kids call them apps) than my old Odyssey, and […]

Everybody shut up

Please stop whatever you’re doing right now, and sign this petition for “Weird Al” Yankovic to headline the next Super Bowl halftime show.

Nobody — N.O.B.O.D.Y. — will be able to bridge the generations … the east coast and west coast rappers … the lactose-intolerant and gluttonous the way the “Weird” one can. We must […]

Monday Night Mashup — Wednesday Edition

In honor of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Mandatory Fun hitting #1 on the Billboard chart, a first for the “Weird” one, eight of parodies side by side with their originals.

I know a guy X 6

The brilliance continues, this one also including a nod to Dr. Demento, aka my lame claim to fame (but that’s barely important now, or anytime)!

Now back to the good old-fashioned Weird

For Floyd’s Students

The once and forever king

Mandatory Fun, the latest from “Weird Al” Yankovic, in stores physical and digital tomorrow. Here’s your teaser track:

Mashup Monday (archive edition)

The Weird One, putting a newish spin on a classic.

Genius loves company

Finally, in the aftermath of Jimmy Carrey’s gun control debacle, Funny or Die gets the first part of their name right. Somewhere, my two Huey Lewis/”Weird Al” aficionado friends’ brains are exploding from the awesomeness of this clip. Actually, one of them did apparently, shortly after sharing the link with me. Now off to get […]