“If I think about crashing, how am I gonna do my job?”

Best seat in the house. The best. For those with MLB Network, cannot recommend “The Third Team” enough.

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Tip O’ the Cap to Albert Pujols

During tonight’s World Series Game 3 (a 16-7 St. Louis victory), Albert Pujols joined those other two guys — whoever they are right? — in hitting 3 home runs in one World Series game (and also tied Paul Molitor with 5 hits in one World Series game). As much as it pains me […]

Remember When Presidents Had Class?

World Series Open Thread

No offense, Scott. M, but some of us ’round here love football and baseball, even if this cartoon digs a knife deeper into my back the same week the Tribe hired the ex-manager of a team with a worse record. The regurgitating pumpkin couldn’t have said it any better.


Saturday Open Thread

Tuesday Open Thread

55 years ago today…