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Floyd R. Turbo is a 40-something father of 3, and a Texan, living with Mrs. Turbo somewhere in the Western Hemisphere NOT his beloved home state.  He works as an academic though he views intellectuals with suspicion — especially if they place ideas over people. His interests include history, culture (pop and high), law, religion, politics and anything else at any given time.

Chuckie Kane is a newspaper man living somewhere in fly over country with his lovely wife and three exceedingly lovely children. He is a “J school” graduate with well over two decades of experience as a reporter and editor. He has done beat reporting and attended his fair share of local, school board meetings as well as hours listening to the police and fire scanner. As an assignment editor, he now manages a staff of folks who do those things, but he still writes opinion pieces and uses his MBA for virtually nothing. He’s got ink in his veins — and toast on the mind.

Eric Porvaznik, AKA Mr.EPluribus and formerly of Modern Conservative, Freedom Broadcast Network and Crap of Bull fame (humor him, he’s been known to have a few readers and viewers), swears he was a court jester in a former lifetime, even though, as a fairly devout Catholic, he realizes the blasphemy associated with that belief. A resident of the Left Coast for over 15 years currently enjoying life in beautiful Burbank, he also enjoys being the thorn in the side of Hollywood liberals.

Eric and his lovely wife Brooke are the proud owners of Grover, a Schnauzer/terrier mix (with what, they don’t know, but he looks mysteriously like a werewolf and the howls he emits when fire engines blare past lead them to believe that’s the case).

JohnFNWayne was raised and lives in Ohio, heart of the political battleground the last two Presidential elections. Starting off in very blue-collar types of employment, Mr. FNWayne decided to maintain the use of his fingers and moved to the white-collar world of journalism where he has been a sports writer, news writer, editor, managing editor and photographer over the last five years as a wolf in the liberal hen house. A former liberal, Mr. FNWayne’s politics began to evolve in the early 90s in reaction to the media treatment of conservatives and his father’s own dealings with unemployment and the government. A “classical liberal,” Mr. FNWayne sees nothing “liberal” about the wave of Marxist social radicalism that has taken hold of the Democratic party and its fringe elements on the Web the last eight years.

Mr. FNWayne has been a blues guitarist the last 14 years and is also a semi-amateur movie buff with an eye for action movies and blockbusters. He’s been married for six years and enjoys life in small town Western Ohio.

Trzupr – that’s pronounced “trooper”, but he’s disturbingly protective of his “z” – is Rich Trzupek, a somewhat schizophrenic chemist who is both a consultant to industry about all things environmental, and a columnist/reporter for Examiner Publications in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He shares his birthday with state of Hawaii and was initiated into the vast right wing conspiracy in the 1980s. He has published a book with McGraw-Hill that no one has actually read and believes the fact that the world has been given Pilsner Urquell proves the existence of God. Rich lives in the Chicago area with his lovely bride, four unruly children, two collies, three cats and God-only-knows how many bloody birds.

Wankette is a Midwesterner of Middle Eastern descent, who loves movies, 70s am radio, travel & travel stories, and quarterbacks who can block.  She chose her name to be the conservative alternative to that other “w_nkette”, whose handle is similar, but whose politics are as wretched as her miniskirts. It’s also a nod to the British slang, since after all, internet bloviating is a bit of a circle jerk.

Outlaw 13 is a career US Army officer and Aviator.  Has deployed to Iraq twice most recently during “The Surge” in Baghdad.  Anything Outlaw 13 writes on this site are his own opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or official policies of the DOD or the United States Army.  He also has a great appreciation for the talents and beauty of Ms. Pilar Lastra (#14 kicks ass).

Mike Kriskey enjoys the life of a recluse in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  His interests range from everything to nothing at all, depending upon his current medication.  (Contrary to popular belief, Mike has never been formally diagnosed with a personality disorder, a fact that he frequently trumpets.)  Never having been lumbered with an education, he exercises what some have called “the finest mind of his generation” by composing speeches which he delivers from the balcony of his luxury high-rise condo, to an audience of adoring (and hungry) pigeons.

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