From the Trailer Park -- Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The second film, starring Tom Cruise and the awesome Cobie Smulders, in the Jack Reacher franchise released its trailer today. It looks to be more of the same which to me is awesome. I haven’t read the books so I’m not wedded to a visual of Reacher’s size, etc. so like some fans of the books. I enjoyed the first film (Reacher) immensely and will go see this one also.

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Yeah...wait, what?

“Love is love”. So very progressive:


I’m Chris Hansen. Why don’t you take a seat over here?

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Wednesday Open Thread

Scene 23 from the Bayeux Tapestry: Harold swearing oath on holy relics to William, Duke of Normandy

Scene 23 from the Bayeux Tapestry: Harold swearing oath on holy relics to William, Duke of Normandy

On this date in 1825 the British Parliament officially ended feudalism.

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No Doubt.

From The Trailer Park - Anthropoid

A WWII thriller about Operation Anthropoid, wherein British and Czech resistance forces plotted to assassinate SS General Heydrich, one of Nazi Germany’s top leaders and the chief architect of the Holocaust.

Stars Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Gray), Charlotte Le Bon (The Walk), and Toby Jones (Captain America).

Pluses: It looks pretty suspenseful, has a good cast, and the fact that British indie director Sean Ellis (Cashback) made this outside the studio system means that it might be less Hollywood-ized and cut closer to the bone than most WWII spy movies.

Possible minuses: Ellis has never made a movie like this before, so who knows how this will turn out. Also, they’re still doing that thing where all of the European characters speak English with an accent. “Valkyrie” handled the language barrier in a way that was a lot less distracting; why didn’t Ellis do the same here?

Tuesday Open Thread

existential threat

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From The Trailer Park - Westworld (Teaser)

“These violent delights have violent ends.”

Based on this tantalizing trailer, it appears that creator Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) and producer JJ Abrams (Lost, Star Trek) have taken the source material and run with it brilliantly. Michael Chricton’s script about a Western-style theme park of the future populated by robots was chock-full of interesting themes that were barely skimmed in the 1973 Yul Brenner film, and expanding it into an HBO series with this fine ensemble cast should allow them to be explored in much more compelling detail. Color me intrigued.

Stars Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Ben Barnes, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jimmi Simpson, Jeffrey Wright, Rodrigo Santoro.

RIP Anton Yelchin, 1989-2016

Anton Yelchin

Actor Anton Yelchin, best known as Chekov in the new Star Trek films, unexpectedly passed away yesterday in a freak car accident. He was 27.

Yelchin was born in 1989 in the former Soviet Union. His parents were both gifted figure skaters, but both they and his other family members suffered political and religious persecution under the Soviet regime for being Jewish, and his parents fled to the U.S. when he was six months old.

He was raised in Los Angeles and, being a showbiz natural, appeared in his first film at age 9. From there he worked steadily, amassing a total of 65 film and TV credits according to IMDB, including Star Trek Beyond, which comes out next month. A gifted and versatile actor, Yelchin moved back and forth between leading roles (Charlie Bartlett, Fright Night, Odd Thomas) and supporting ones (Alpha Dog, Terminator Salvation, Star Trek) effortlessly, and receiving critical acclaim no matter the role or film he worked in. He regularly topped lists of “the best actors under 30” and was clearly poised to come into his own as one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation.

Yelchin was also a musician who played guitar in a punk band and wrote his own music. He was an immensely talented artist, gone far too soon. Thoughts and prayers to his family and R.I.P.