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Dil Doh!

Steven Joyce, New Zealand’s Economic Development Minister was hit in the face with a sex toy during a press conference. He seems pretty sanguine about the whole thing, but I’d be worried about where that thing’s been.

“We actually thought it was a little bit humorous at the end of it all … new experiences in politics everyday, it’s the privilege of serving.”
Ms Butler was also at the TPPA boyracer protest in Christchurch last weekend, telling ONE News that as a nurse she thought it was really important to take a stand against the agreement.
“I am worried about patient rights because of the price of medications going up,” Ms Butler said.

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from The Shining

from The Shining

R.I.P. — Maurice White

As if this year’s Grammys wasn’t already going to have a depressingly extended “In Memoriam” segment, news of this morning’s passing of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Maurice White only adds to it. RIP, silky-smooth funk-master, and thanks for all the tasty medicine!

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Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren from the set of The Birds

Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren from the set of The Birds

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Choose Wisely


You can’t have it both ways, Bernie bros.

Immoral Relativism

child bride
“Child Bride: Through the Looking Glass” by Sharooq Amin

Influential (and cultural relativist) early 20th century anthropologist Ruth Benedict once wrote:

“Mankind has always preferred to say, ‘It is morally good,’ rather than “It is habitual,’ and the fact of this preference is matter enough for a critical science of ethics. But historically the two phrases are synonymous.

The concept of the normal is properly a variant of the concept of the good. It is that which society has approved. A normal activity is one which falls well within the limits of expected behavior for a particular society. Its variability among different peoples is essentially a function of the variability of the behavior patterns that different societies have created for themselves, and can never be wholly divorced from a consideration of culturally institutionalized types of behavior.”

The hell you say:

Data from the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) seen by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) revealed more than 60 minors were married when they applied for asylum in Norway last year. The 61 cases known to authorities — mainly coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq — broke down as follows:

at least ten girls were under 16 years old;
49 girls and two boys were 16-17 years old; and
at least two of the girls under 18 years were expecting their second baby.

Although individual cases could not be commented on for reasons of privacy, Bufdir director Mari Trommald confirmed to NRK the youngest of the child brides was an 11-year-old girl who arrived within the last three months.

Ms. Trommald acknowledged the risks faced by the child brides and other minors, saying:

“We are looking very seriously at children under 18 who are in danger of being subjected to sexual abuse, violence and coercion. We are committed to helping these children and preventing forced situations.”

Ms. Trommald added that the situations she cited “could be criminal cases”. Cases are assessed individually, and although guided by the fact the age of consent in Norway is 16 years old, evidence of violence or coercion form part of those assessments.

In one such example a 14-year-old pregnant girl crossed into Norway at Storskog, accompanied by her 23-year-old husband and their 18-month-old baby. Now the two live separately, with the husband under police investigation. Ms. Trommald explained:

“Norwegian law applies in Norway, and we are therefore concerned to make sure no child is subjected to sexual relations, violence or other coercive situations when they are in Norway.”

Thale Skybakk of Save the Children — the world’s leading children’s charity — told NRK that poverty, war and conflict are reasons why child marriage is increasing worldwide. In addition she said it is not necessarily best for child brides to be separated from their husbands, rather “one has to make an individual assessment as to what is best for the child.”

Post modern Progressivism and its multicultural gospel is quantifiably bad for people. It has and continues to have a body count. What will these governments do? I hope they take these kids away and piu t them in some sort of foster care and annul the marriages. If not, they will have opened Pandora’s Box, culturally, legally, etc. The moral stain if these “marriages” are allowed to stand (especially, mostly, the pre-pubescent brides — age of consent post puberty is also a post modern construct coming out of social science not religion or hard science) is irreparable.

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Burt Young and Sylvester Stallone from the set of Rocky

Burt Young and Sylvester Stallone from the set of Rocky