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I usually DVR a show on Fox News called Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. As most of you know it’s a show that comes on early in the morning or very late at night (depending on your point of view) where a group of 5 people “humorously” discuss the days events. I say “humorously” because sometimes it’s hit or miss and it depends on the interaction between the guests for most of its humor and for something that tapes for the most part five days a week…that has to be quite the task. For the most part they do a pretty good job and it is fairly consistently entertaining. Except when Sharrod Small is on, but that’s another story.

But (and isn’t there always a “but” in these things?), I did notice something the other night which struck me…and I can’t really tell if they just didn’t know something or this was a gag. But it does illustrate a problem with kids and colleges that I had never really thought about since…I, like the people on this show don’t have any children. The topic being discussed was a woman who had a degree in Film from a well known university (I think it rhymes with USC. I would name it, but I can’t remember which one it was and the entire show is not online so I guess you can take my word for it), she is in debt up to her eyeballs from student loans and is working at Panda Express to get by and she was upset about her predicament and felt she was owed something by somebody because she is where she is.

The five people on the show started talking about how the problem was that college costs too much and that this was because of student loans and the artificiality it creates which drives up tuition. This may or may not be true, I don’t know and I don’t really care. The real problem, the one they never really addressed is people going to college who major in stuff that there is no demand for. When I was in high school and thinking about college, the thing that was always drilled into me was that I was going to college to earn a degree in something that would set me up for a job after college. When did this quit becoming a thing? When the panel finally got around to discussing the elephant in the room, they were hard pressed to even come up with a degree field that was in high demand other than engineering. Then it struck me, that they were all either Broadcasting, English or Theater majors…how the hell would they even know? I wish I had a clip of the former beauty pageant contestant who blurted out the suggestion “computer systems” as a viable major for someone wanted to get ahead. It was kind of pathetic, the look on her face and the reaction of those participating.

Look I don’t expect college counseling from a group of people on late night TV trying to be funny, but it is sad that when pressed to produce the names of possible college degree programs that would get you ahead in life the only viable one I heard was engineering and then a half hearted attempt to suggest computer something or other. We were treated to a Caddyshack quote; “The world needs ditch diggers too.” which was nice. I also heard the refrain most often heard from those whose degree is just about useless, “What type of degree isn’t important, employers just want to see that you could do something for four years” which is true if you are applying at Panda Express, but not so much if you want to work designing airplanes for Lockheed Martin or anything else remotely technical.

I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much from a show that features a story about weed at least two to three times a week, but I must admit I was a bit shocked to see that seemingly otherwise partially intelligent people couldn’t comes up with at least three or four degree paths that lead to good paying jobs. By the way for those interested my degree is in Drafting and Design, which led to a job right out of school…it’s not what I ended up doing the majority of my life but at least I was able to pick something that led to a viable career path…all at the age of 18. Which I guess is a task beyond a lot of people’s capabilities today.

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Saturday With Floyd


If you ever find yourself in Sherman Oaks I recommend Sweet Butter Cafe on Ventura Blvd

Saturday Song

Baseball and AC/DC yesterday… and today.

Saturday Open Thread

One of the things I like about baseball is its ability to take me back to good memories. So despite the world situation and that I’m a Texas Rangers fan and am disappointed at their abysmal season this year I find a certain comfort in knowing that there will be October baseball this year that includes the Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates and the Montreal Expos.

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Almost-October Surprise

Suppose I (and Royals and A’s fans) should be tweaked Fox Sports decided to include the Seattle Mariners as post-season-bound, ignoring the Indians (who are only a game back of Seattle for the still-think-it’s-silly second wild card spot), but too pleasantly distracted by new AC/DC to care. Yes, I realize using “new” in front of AC/DC is a bit of a misnomer considering they’ve reliably released five decades worth of similar-sounding bone-crunching riffage, but “Play Ball” has a nice groove reminiscent of “Anything Goes” off their last album, plus it’s being used to promote the greatest month of the year’s playoffs (and tease their December album release), so I’ll let it — that’s right — slide.

Friday Open Thread

May the doorknob hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

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