From The Trailer Park - The Split

A group of teenage girls are kidnapped by a man (James McAvoy) with split personalities. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Shyamalan’s movies have certainly been hit-or-miss lately (although he enjoyed somewhat of a comeback with last year’s well-received thriller The Visit, which I haven’t seen), and the January release date doesn’t suggest the studio has much faith in its product. But the trailer does look quite creepy, and playing a man with 23 separate personalities will certainly be an interesting acting challenge for the talented McAvoy.

The Best Cosplays From SDCC

Well, this year’s San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and as usual it was a cosplay bonanza. Here are my personal favorite cosplayers from the convention:

This being an election year, we naturally had supervillains like Loki running for President.
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Wednesday Open Thread

Purification of the Temple by El Greco

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From The Trailer Park - The Exorcist

A new series based on William Peter Blatty’s novel (which also inspired the famous film of the same name) about a mother (Geena Davis) who asks a pair of Catholic priests (Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels) to exorcise a demon that is possessing her daughter. Series premieres in September.

Remake, schmemake. If this show will actually have priests as its heroes without any Christian-bashing, then I’m interested. That’s a big “if”, of course, and it remains to be seen, but this does look good. And since it’s on Fox, it will be great, and will get cancelled after 3 episodes. Just kidding. Sort of.

Why Trump is Right and Floyd Is An Elitist Hypocrite

The view from Floyd’s office.

In this comment:

Floyd Turbo gets on his high horse and tells unemployed blue collar folks they need to suck it up. Our Wal-Marts are full of cheap goods from China that make life for the Turbos peachy-keen, so the Trump’kins can take their protectionism and stuff it.

Floyd says employing all those Chinese children to make cheap, plastic geegaws for the Turbos has lowered poverty worldwide. Who cares if it was at the expense of a bunch of GED wielding folks living on the other side of the tracks from the Turbo mansion? Floyd pays taxes to send them food stamps and pay for police to keep them off Floyd’s lawn. Why are they so whiny? Why don’t they just eat their canned spam in their concrete public housing unit and wonder at the marvels of the world economy?

Let’s get introspective on Floyd’s circumstance and perspective:
Floyd has a law degree. Floyd is a professor at a University. Are there any two professions currently active in the United States more guilty of protectionism than the legal and academic professions? Floyd and his fellow attorneys and Professors have erected more barriers to entry to their ivory tower than two, yuge Trump’ian walls. But unlike Trump’s proposed wall, Floyd and his foppish friends’ barriers have no doors. Pure isolationism, all the way.

There are, right now, today, as I type this, tens of thousands of PhD holding English speaking academics educated from birth in English speaking schools in India with the knowledge and skill to do Floyd’s job. Just as data connections allow Indians to work remotely for thousands of US firms in a myriad of white collar jobs; Indian attorneys knowledgeable in US law could easily do the work that US attorneys do. And they would do it for 1/10th the cost. And they could teach also. Remotely, or even in our classrooms through a green card or guest worker program.

Why isn’t that happening? Because Floyd and his attorney and Professor buddies pass law upon law, erect accreditation upon accreditation… to protect their lofty positions. And they reap the financial benefits of the inflated prices their protectionism creates. And they don’t care a wit that you and I pay those inflated prices for legal assistance and college courses. Have you seen what Floyd and his buddies charge for the text books they make you buy to take their courses?! And they won’t let you buy them on kindle, or download them for free from the internet.

But when blue collar workers want to form a union, when they want to lobby legislatures to pass laws that protect their way of life? Floyd and his fellow Attorneys and Professors stand in the parapet of their ivory tower and pour boiling oil on them.

Protectionism for we, but not for thee. Long live the Academy!

The Morning After

Ramirez Morning After

Regrets? Only time will tell…

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