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R.I.P. — Robert Newhouse

Former Dallas Cowboys fullback (a local legend) has died at age 64. The above is his most well known play — an option pass for a touchdown to Golden Richards in Super Bowl XII. WFAA has the story:

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Robert Newhouse has died at age 64.
His death was confirmed to WFAA by former teammates.
Newhouse, the all-time leading rusher at the University of Houston, was drafted by the Cowboys in 1972 and spent his entire NFL career — including three Super Bowls — with Dallas until retiring in 1983.
He was the first running back to throw a touchdown pass in a Super Bowl game.
As of last season, Newhouse ranked fifth on the Cowboys’ all-time rushing list with 4,784 yards.
Newhouse suffered a stroke in 2010.

After Earl Campbell, #44 had the biggest legs ever — Newhouse was a powerhouse, just without the speed of Campbell. He was a great fullback and called upon to be the main rusher in the years between Calvin Hill and Tony Dorsett he did a great job. Prayers and condolences go to his family, friends, and former teammates. Thanks for helping to provide a childhood of great sports memories. RIP Robert Newhouse.

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When In A Rome. When you need a friend, don’t look to a stranger…

Tuesday Open Thread

World War I era propaganda poster

World War I era propaganda poster

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REM. We are agents of the free…

I know a guy X 6

The brilliance continues, this one also including a nod to Dr. Demento, aka my lame claim to fame (but that’s barely important now, or anytime)!

Mangina Dialogues — Act II

flower beard
So. This is a thing, apparently… probably more a viral thing than an actual fashion trend — hopefully.

Here is the rule of the Internet: If you combine two bizarre, viral things, you are going to get something even more bizarre and viral.

In this case, it’s hipster beards and flower crowns. Although hipster beards may have peaked and flower crowns may have withered away during the polar vortex, the two trends have come together to unleash an unstoppable new style for meme hairy hipster dudes everywhere: flower beards.

That’s right: Bearded men across the country are taking advantage of the good weather to pick some flowers to adorn their faces. The combined effect is, shall we say, peak hipster.

Act I is here.

Monday Open Thread

1914 WW1 propaganda poster featuring Lord Kitchener

1914 WW1 propaganda poster featuring Lord Kitchener

45 Years Ago Today…

We’re fast approaching an age when no one who has ever walked or orbited the Moon will be alive. I would have never thought that possible as a kid. It is ironic that in the late 1960s we were doing things such as the Moon program while simultaneously sowing the cultural seeds resulting in our current age of triviality. Lord willing Space X and the other private entities can replicate and surpass that feat. Until that day…

Sunday Open Thread

Madame Grand by Marie Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun (1783)

Madame Grand by Marie Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun (1783)

Sunday Gospel

One of my all-time favorites…