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Super Bowl Thread

A bit late to the game… Ravens up 14-3 so far and the 49ers QB is looking like a rookie. This Oreo is my pick for best ad so far — unless a certain son’s ad plays. :-)

Super Fly (Over)

This video is a few years old, but NFL Films did this on pregame flyovers and it’s pretty awesome. I love the reaction shots of the players and coaches… nothing impresses like raw power and speed. When the planes are yours it’s like being an awestruck kid. There’s even some helicopter love for Outlaw.

Sunday Open Thread

Sunday Gospel

Now THAT Is A Lot of Bombs

Check out this B-36 dropping bombs at Eglin AFB, FL back in the day.

Even -fritz- was too young to have been around for this one. :)

See this article about the saga of the last B-36 and how the City of Fort Worth tried to save it

What a beast of a plane.

Alarmed by the possibility of the airplane becoming airworthy, the Air Force decreed that work cease on the flyout effort. They explained that the airplane would be a threat to national security and would be a huge safety hazard if allowed to operate under civilian control. Their announced plan to repossess the bomber launched a long series of negotiations with the City of Fort Worth who came under intense local pressure to save the plane.

Walter Hill, an appreciation

While I’ll fully admit a healthy diet of VH-1 Classic’s “Metal Mania” videos this morning put me in a perfect 80s mood, a time when rock & roll and action movies didn’t take themselves so seriously, Bullet to the Head maintained that mood with a perfect combo of unapologetically senseless violence and usually corny one-liners humor. Like the Expendables movies, a cool throwback to when popcorn movies delivered these escapist themes. Also a sad reminder Walter Hill, a director who helmed a good chunk of personal favorites through the years, hasn’t been behind the camera for anything besides an episode of “Deadwood” and the “Broken Trail” mini-series in more than a decade. I say, damn shame. Threedonia, what say you?

Hard Times — Charles Bronson as a Depression-era streetfighter and James Coburn. Do I honestly need an explanation for Hill’s directorial debut? Wellllll, OK.
48 HoursThe buddy-cop action/comedy by which I still judge all others. Even Lethal Weapon a thisclose second in my book.
Streets of Fire — Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Willem Defoe and others having a campy good time. Also features the above song, an all-time fave.
The Warriors — 1970s New York minus the above-mentioned Bronson as a vigilante. Cue the baseball bats …
Crossroads — In this category for the music — the glorious, glorious music — only. Memories of my high school crush on Jami Gertz probably doesn’t hurt, either.
Brewster’s Millions — Under-appreciated Pryor and Candy performances. Will always stop flipping channels and watch this to the end whenever on TV. Come to think of it, I really need to get this movie off my Amazon wish-list.

Not-quite classic (but close)
Last Man Standing — Liked it so-so when it came out, but has gotten much, much better with age.
Trespass — There are better things than assembling Ices T and Cube with William Sadler and Bill Paxton, with a script from Bobs Gale and Zemeckis. See above classics. Still a damn fine li’l popcorn movie, though. Even better being part of an audience opening weekend, the Porvaznik brothers the only honkeys in the theatre.
Bullet to the Head

Red Heat — Ummmm, I remember liking Jim Belushi, and that’s about it.
Geronimo: An American Legend and Undisupted — Like the other movie in this category, decent concepts with not-so-memorable deliveries.

Another 48 Hours — Not even the mighty Brion James could rescue Murphy and Nolte going through the motions almost as badly as Ghostbuster 2 ‘s returning cast.

Haven’t seen
The Driver
Southern Comfort

Wild Bill — Wait, this has James Gammon in the supporting cast??? Need to get this on the “to-watch” list.
The Long Riders — Keaches and Carradines and Quaids and Guests? Oh, my, another for the “to watch” list.
Extreme Prejudice

Screenplay/Writer Love
The Getaway — So maybe he shouldn’t have had his name attached to the re-make, but the McQueen/MacGraw original’s a classic.
Aliens — This movie’s awesome rep well-deserved, but no offense to James Cameron, really curious how Hill would have directed instead.

3D Weekend Five-B-Gone: What Do YOU Think?

There’s been over a hundred Fives since the Five began back in the late 50s.  You’ve thrown out all manner & matter of opinions, arguments, and ridiculous-yet-charming theories.   But now it’s time for something completely different.  Or at least, scarily similar.

Starting this weekend I’ll be (occasionally) posting other people’s 5s/10s/50s, so instead of thinking of your own, you can make fun of somebody else’s.

(Of course, feel free, in true 3D fashion, to replace their opinion with yours.)

This week: Rolling Stone’s The 50 Funniest People Now.  Here’s their Top Ten.  Are they right? close? or morons who wouldn’t know from funny if it smacked ‘em in the whoopie cushion?

10. Kristen Wiig 9. Bill Hader 8. Lena Dunham 7. Chris Rock 6. Amy Poehler 5. Matt Stone & Trey Parker 4. Jon Stewart 3. Tina Fey 2. Stephen Colbert 1. Louis C.K.

Except for Wiig (I loved Bridesmaids), and Hader (who seems harmless enough), and Stone & Parker (who take shots across the political spectrum),  the rest are Dead to Me.  Even if I used to love ‘em (Rock) or at least admire them (Fey) — now I am bored of them.  Them and their open, loud, unabashed contempt for Conservative thought and Conservative folk.

What do you think?


A Blitz of a Different Sort

Walter Olsen, of Overlawyered (see blogroll at left) talks with Steve Chapman of The Washington Examiner about the coming onslaught of lawsuits against the NFL related to head trauma… and he isn’t optimistic about the future of football.

“Seriously?” you may ask. A guy who made a good living engaging in high-speed collisions with 300-lb. blocks of granite can say he didn’t understand the risks involved? It may seem that case will be laughed out of court.

But Olson thinks not. “Courts have not been very friendly to this argument, particularly when something as grave as permanent brain damage is involved,” he told me. And it’s become apparent that while players were aware of the possibility of mangled knees, broken bones and concussions, they didn’t grasp that repeated blows to the head could produce debilitating and irreversible mental harms.

Exposure to asbestos was long known to be unhealthy, but that didn’t stop sick workers from succeeding in court. More than 730,000 people have sued some 8,000 companies, and dozens of firms connected to asbestos in some way have been driven into bankruptcy.

The NFL has a weak hand in other ways as well. Professional football players, notes Olson, make particularly appealing litigants, since they tend to be well-known and widely liked. Their cases will get a lot of sympathetic publicity.

These athletes are handsomely paid, which means that brain trauma may deprive them of years of high earnings while requiring them to get expensive care for decades — all of which the league and other parties (stadium owners, equipments makers and so on) may be forced to pay for.

And for those college football and Friday night lighters who say “screw the NFL”, don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater… if the NFL goes kaput so will your versions and tout de suite.

6 Years Ago Today (originally posted 2 FEB 2011)

We lost two great cavalrymen. Continue reading 6 Years Ago Today (originally posted 2 FEB 2011)

Saturday Open Thread