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Sunday Open Thread

Riffin’ on an old vaudeville skit…

Sunday Gospel

Saturday Song

One of the groups I got into this past year was The Alabama Shakes… first single from last year above…

3D Weekend Five: The Grand Gesture

Now that VDay 2013 is in the history books,  it’s confession time!  What grand romantic gesture have you made/received/heard about/seen in a film (or on TV)?  I’m calling this the “-fritz- Five” because...of course.

One of my favorites probably belongs in a Nora Ephron movie (or a John Hughes one).  It was 1993, and my guy had absolutely blown the Valentine celebration.  So naturally, there was an early frost.  Until…

…he showed up at my place of business with a big bouquet, a six-pack of soda, and two french bread microwave pizzas.

I wasn’t budging: “Hmph.  You know we don’t have a microwave here!”

He winked and said, “I’ll be right back.”   And five minutes later, he staggered back in, bearing the giant (late 80s version) microwave oven from his apartment.



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Saturday Open Thread

This part — The Battle of Foy — is one of my favorite parts of Band of Brothers.

Flippin’ Awesome

This Afternoon’s Broadcast is brought to you by…

Maroon 5. I was so high, I did not recognize, the fire burning in her eyes…

Jack Marino, AlfonZo Rachel. AlfonZo Rachel, Jack Marino

Two warriors, one Warrior Filmmaker Radio Show — tonight, 8 PM PST on LA Talk Radio Channel 2. Call in to 818-602-4929 with any questions/commments.

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Holy Shitsky!

Meteorite storm hits Russia… watch upper left corner, injuring nearly 1,000 people:

A terrifying meteorite shower left more than 950 people injured, buildings devastated and the mobile network wiped out when it hit Russia this morning.

Brightly burning rocks could be seen for miles as they crashed at around 9.20am local time and one bystander described it ‘like a scene from the Armageddon movie.’ The meteorite is believed to have landed in a lake near Chebarkul, a town in the neighbouring Chelyabinsk region. The city of Chelyabinsk, 900 miles east of Moscow and close to the Kazakhstan border, took the brunt of the super sonic impact.

The Russian Ministry of Emergencies says 950 people have been injured, 82 of them are children and two are in intensive care.Many of the injured had bloodied faces and one child’s back was seen covered in blood. Tim O’Brien, associate director of the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory, said the injuries were caused when the meteor created a sonic boom.

‘This reasonably large chunk of rock was moving faster than the speed of sound, maybe 20,000 miles per hour. It made a sonic boom in the atmosphere, and that hit buildings and shattered windows. That is what seems to have caused the injuries,’ he explained. However, there were no reports of fatalities and it was not immediately clear if any people were struck by fragments.