Radio Free Threedonia debuts, with a lively discussion hosted by Eric, featuring Floyd, John FN, Rich and occasionally Wankette. And when we say “lively”, we of course mean that nobody actually fell asleep during the taping. Follow the link below to scour our archives. For our your convenience we’ve embedded some of our greatest hits below!

Radio Free Threedonia!

Below we interview Celtic rock band The Sandcarvers and ponder the wonder of Jameson’s Whiskey.

The boys interview conservative comedian, thinker, and social critic Evan Sayet.

Below the boys interview filmmaker and director of Forgotten Heroes Jack Marino.

Below, the interview so nice we did it twice… with Christian Toto — film critic for Denver Post, Washington Times, and The Dennis Miller Radio Show as well as a writer at Big Hollywood and the Denver Examiner and all around great guy.

Fresh out of the oven two premieres… ladies and gentlemen and Rufus… Wankette wades into the boys club and holds her own and our special guest is none other than John Nolte — formerly known as Dirty Harry and our blogfather — current Editor-in-Chief of Big Hollywood.com and film critic.

Radio Free Threedonia — introduced the meaty goodness of Mike Kriskey, the newest member of Threedonia’s blogging family — welcomed author and filmmaker Michael Mandaville to the contained lunacy. “Motivation” might as well be his middle name, too, as he gives the gang of two (and you, our loyal listeners) a primer on his latest book, Citizen Soldier Handbook: 101 Ways for Every American to Fight Terrorism.

Liberals, you have only yourselves to blame for making AlfonZo Rachel the internet phenom and PJTV mainstay he’s become. We on the right thank you … a lot.

Zo lets loose on how God has shined His blessings down on his rapid rise to prominence as a spokesperson for the conservative movement, the power of the echo chamber effect, and his upcoming appearance at the La Crescenta Canada Tea Party of July 3rd.

Kneel before Zod? No. All praise to the man above for giving us Zo!!!

Befitting a show featuring actor/TV host/songwriter/musician/rapper/neophyte horseback rider Zach Selwyn, this week’s installment of Radio Free Threedonia goes all over the place. A show packed so full of greatness, even JohnFN’Wayne found his way back to the conference call. Good thing, too, as he contributed to much of the greatness.

Movieguide’s Dr. Ted Baehr braves the occasionally bawdy RF3D waters for show number 16. Sorry, almost forgot we’re on Roman standard here — XVI. Turning in one of the few positive reviews of Terminator Salvation, Dr. Baehr also relates a recent development in which the New York Times endorsed his conservative and values-based Movieguide. Yes, that’s right, that New York Times! In addition to Floyd R. Turbo and Wankette returning to the virtual airwaves, the afternoon included plugs galore, from Dr. Baehr’s Frodo & Harry, an exploration/comparison of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter series, to John Ziegler’s Media Malpractice, a little Big Hollywood for good measure as well.

One of the godfathers of modern stand-up, funny-man and author Tom Dreesen graces the Radio Free Threedonia airwaves with his presence in the show’s latest installment, which also featured the debut appearance of Threedonia’s Matt Helm, subbing for Rufus T. Firefly. Soon to be celebrating his 40th year in comedy, Tom touches on Tim and Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White, his recent book with his former partner Tim “Venus Flytrap” Reid, before explaining how the very simple rule of comedy — being funny — doesn’t have to rely on “filth flarn filth,” and how the PC police have no place anywhere near the world of comedy.

No conversation with Tom Dreesen would be complete, however, without discussions of his old friend Frank Sinatra, for whom the comic served as opening act for several years, and Tom generously shares many intimate stories of the legendary “Ol’ Blue Eyes.” We at RF3D raise our glasses to Sinatra’s memory and, more importantly, to Tom for taking the time to visit with us.