Serfs of 3D


If you spend much time here you’ll learn pretty quickly that the posts are less than 517/1,034ths of the fun. What really makes Threedonia tick are our commenters. We’ve got some of the best and brightest on these here interwebs and if you’re not clicking on the posts to read what they have to say on current events, film, military aviation, music or animal husbandry you’re missing out. Below is a copious, but by no means complete, description of the regulars compiled by our own, Tracy, TXMom2Many. Let me know if you have anything to add, or if you’d like to be added, and thanks again, Tracy, and thanks to all our loyal readers!

Lars Walker Writer of Norwegian descent from somewhere up north (Wisconsaminnemichnorthsouthdakta, which is Native American for Damn it’s cold).Christian. Hates “It’s A Wonderful Life,” but loves “A Christmas Carol,” butterflies, dragonflies, and colored Christmas lights. He also reenacts Viking stuff. Blogs at The American Culture and First Things Magazine’s Mere Comments blog

-fritz- German descent old guy, has been everywhere and done a dazzling array of jobs, born and raised in Colorado, lived in Texas for quite a spell, as well as Deutschland and all points inbetween, now resides in Nevada. Christian. He’s a bit corny but funny and even tempered. Quite possibly Threedonia’s most prolific writer but Rufus always confounds his attempts to string together ten consecutive comments.

David Marcoe no idea where he’s from. Young, smart, Christian, self educated out of high school. Loves Chesterton, Lewis, most of the old guys and often talks over everyone’s head. He and Rufus often go back and forth over whether his intelligence and passion is bigger than his youth and inexperience. Wicked sense of humor. Beware of his links, nasty stuff there be.

Scott M Tennessee Older guy, atheist, hates baseball, loves golf, beer and beautiful women.

Stephanie originally from up north (same-ish area as Lars), now married to a Marine and lives where she can be with him. Christian (specifically Catholic) Survived anorexia, loves fashion, gun owner, hunter, former Hill staffer, has numerous liberal siblings, and fights with Eric every chance they get.

Tink in Cali from Cali (duh), married with children. Appreciates pictures of handsome men and slightly bawdy humor. She is the cookie queen who will award you a cookie if your comment is fabulous.

Loyal Goatherd Recovering Catholic, California native, so is Mrs. Goatherd, now in central Virginia, raise goats, cable guy, loves old movies, WWII buff, monarchist, the 80?s, Reagan, Resistance.

Dr Schplatt an elementary school teacher who lives in the farm land of Kansas, a fundamental, conservative, Christian who doesn’t hold to any particular denomination (daddy was/is a preacher), resident expert on all things Asian.

tracy, txmom2many from Texas, 8 kids, homeschooler, Christian (Baptist), ministry with bereaved parents, survived child abuse, years of counseling, and leads a somewhat normal life now.

dr zoon husband of Tracy Txmom2many. Christian, short comments, to the point, often funny, but sometimes rude. Jazz pianist and computer programmer

Magnus Caseus Formatis

Kit college man from Alabama. Funny,innocent, likes to ask questions

INFJ kind, quiet, Christian (Catholic),  born in Scotland, American citizen, married, five (half Polish) kids

Jimmy C sharp sense of humor, sarcastic, just had a kid with his lovely wife, Catholic, lives in Washington (like Daniel Crandall), movie buff, Oreo enthusiast

Mighty Skip grew up in the Adirondacks of NY, lived in CA and now MD. The trifecta of one-party-democrat/liberal rule states and the source of my hatred of liberalism that burns with the heat of a thousand suns, writes shorter responses usually pretty knowlegable about what he’s commenting on

Jake was Here Has Aspergers? comments in spurts


Matt Helm school teacher in Florida, illustrator, loves drinking, cooking, women, old movies and Dean Martin

Christian Toto sometime contributor, movie reviewer (emeritus)

Raoul Ortega

Kenn Christenson filmmaker living in Oregon… kinda likes the movie Kick-Ass — slightly.

Veruckt works in the insurance field, very knowledgeable about that stuff, just got married

Daniel Crandall contributor to The Culture Alliance and The American Culture; co-host of Radio Free Threedonia. Navy vet who also worked security at the Liberty Film Festival.

AW1 Tim pagan, homeschooler, former military

Fr Ron Greek Orthodox Priest, stays busy with his flock. Christian.

Tony Rome Sinatra fan…

Mrs. Right married with children, lives in an urban area

Stacie.Make.Do married with children, lives in a frozen tundra type place keeps busy with younguns. Christian.