5 Best and Most Exciting Action Film Recommendations You Must Watch

5 Best and Most Exciting Action Film Recommendations You Must Watch

5 Best and Most Exciting Action Film Recommendations You Must Watch – In the world of film, the action film genre is one of the most popular genres for film lovers. It is not without reason that this action genre is in demand, but indeed because of the many exciting scenes that it would be a shame to miss it.

There are various exciting action scenes in this action genre, such as a fight or a fight, a chase, a shootout, a war, an explosion, and so on. Because of the various action scenes that make many men and women love this action genre.

5 Best and Most Exciting Action Film Recommendations You Must Watch

Well, for those of you who really are lovers of this action genre film, then you are reading the right article, why? Because I will provide recommendations for the best and exciting action films that are mandatory to watch. If you are curious to know what the title of the film is, let’s follow this reading to the end.

5 Best and Most Exciting Action Film Recommendations You Must Watch

Actually there are lots of action films that you can watch, but of course what I would recommend is the one you must watch, why? Because all the action films that I will recommend have the highest rating, they are also very impressive. Okay without further ado, here are 5 of the best and exciting action films that you must watch :

  • The Raid 2: Berandal

Okay, for my first action film recommendation, it starts with a film from Indonesia, namely The Raid 2: Berandal. This film actually has its first sequel, The Raid 1, so if you want to watch this recommended film from me, it would be nice to watch the first sequel first, my friends.

The film The Raid 2: Berandal is played by an Indonesian actor who is very skilled in competing in action genre films, namely Iko Uwais. In this 2nd sequel, Iko Uwais is again confronted by other expert actors from Indonesia such as Yayan Ruhian aka Mad Dog and other strong enemies.

  • The Terminator

For the next best and most exciting film that I will recommend, namely The Terminator which comes from the United States. This film has actually been around for a long time, namely since 1984, but due to the latest sequels being released in recent years and booming, this film is perfect for you action film lovers who really want to watch the latest sequel to the film The Terminator.

Action film The Terminator is synonymous with actor named Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this first sequel, it tells the story of a mission to stop a future killing machine called Cyborg. To feel the excitement, please watch it right away, my friend.

  • The Maze Runner

Sorry to tell a little friend, for this action film The Maze Runner I have been following it since the novel, and after it was reported that a film would be made, I was really excited I was waiting for this film to be released. And when it was released, finally it really matched my friends’ expectations, where this film provides exciting scenes that make you addicted to continue watching it.

Actually the film The Maze Runner is not entirely an Action film, friends, but a sci-fi film wrapped in action scenes. This film tells the story of a young man named Thomas who awakens from his sleep and is already trapped in a mysterious maze.

Thomas, the main character, has a similar experience with other friends who are also trapped in the mysterious labyrinth, namely losing his memory. Well, since knowing a few things, they decided to find a way out of the mysterious labyrinth. Did they make it out? Come on, just watch the movie, my friend.

  • Divergent

The next best and most exciting film that I would recommend is Divergent. This film has the same release year with the film The Maze Runner guys, namely 2014, besides that this film also has similarities in terms of popularity, namely when it was released this film was immediately loved by many young people so that ticket sales were in demand day by day.

This Divergent film tells a fictional world with several good factions including Candor, Erudite, Amity, Dauntless, and also Abnegation. One day, the main character named Tris finds out that he does not fit in the fictional world called Divergent. He finally finds a friend named Four who is also a Divergent. They tried to be caught, but they ran away. Did they escape and survive? Come on, watch it, my friend.

  • Venom

This action film titled Venom is one of the superhero films. This film tells the story of a man named Eddie who is used as an experimental material, and then he has two identities, namely Eddie as a human being and Eddie as Venom with deadly power.

So, those are the five best and most exciting action films that I recommend for you to watch. I guarantee you will not regret watching these films, and may even want the next sequel. Thank you and have a good time watching!

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