Saturday Open Thread

The X-15

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  • Dr.Schplatt

    Sorry to hear about your canine companion, Eric. It’s never fun, but I’m a firm believer they’ll be waiting for us when it’s our turn.

    • Thanks! Tuffy, like my prior rescue Grover, a truly best little buddy. Can’t wait to see both of them again … though hopefully after more than a few years down the line.

  • JimmyC

    To all my fellow conservatives who are ticked off about the new budget and all the spending in it, so am I. The GOP has a golden opportunity to restore some sense of fiscal sanity in this country and reduce the debt, and they’re throwing it away.

    That said, Trump set the tone here, not Congress. He was very clear about what agenda he was campaigning on, and cutting spending wasn’t part of it. We missed our chance to elect a fiscal conservative back during the primaries, but people wanted Trump instead. We can’t put big spenders in the White House and then whine because Congress isn’t pinching pennies. If we want to change the fiscal mindset in Washington, it’s gotta be a top-down thing.

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