Still time to get on the good foot

One day, John Ziegler should get an engraved apology from ESPN (much as Rocky Balboa should have gotten after beating Clubber Lang). Till then, please take the time to marvel in his Pulitzer-worthy research, which continues to debunk everything you think you know about the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky SCAMdal.

On February 9th, 2001 the day before McQueary went to see Paterno, the media was reporting that the Penn State wide receivers coaching position had just opened up.

This was a job that the part-time and very ambitious McQueary desperately wanted. It sure seems like AMAZING timing that McQueary decides to go see Paterno the day after his dream job had just opened up (it is also REALLY remarkable that McQueary never connected this VERY memorable event to the “episode” when he was originally trying to figure out when this event actually happened) .

What it really was was a strong motive to finally tell Paterno about this minor episode he had barely witnessed involving a retired coach Paterno never really liked: Face-time with the boss while being a good Boy Scout

It is incredibly important to point out that McQueary did NOT get that wide receivers coaching job until it opened up again 3 years later. This alone completely blows apart the Penn State cover up theory as no one involved in a cover-up snubs the only witness in a cover up & never even tells him to keep quiet.

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