Fighting Fake Dictators At Home While Loving Real Ones Abroad

Over the past year, we’ve been told by the left that any action by their side is excusable, including violently assaulting people in the streets, because Trump is a kinda-sorta-maybe-someday dictator, and therefore must be stopped by any means necessary. Well, I’m not sure I agree with their Machiavellian logic, or their broad-brush generalizations of […]

Their Skirts Were Too Short

If you want to know which side of the freedom/tyranny divide the left-wing media sits on, check out this New York times headline about the Iranian protests:

“Ignored calls for calm”. That’s how the New York Times describes people protesting for their rights against a tyrannical regime. Thus far the “clamping down” by […]

Big Brother Is Watching Your Big Rig

The trucker has become a cultural icon of the rugged American spirit: just him and his trusty truck, driving cross-country, no one to bother him, free and independent. Movies like Duel and Breakdown even go so far as to portray truck drivers as able to drive around committing multiple crimes against people unabated. After […]

Statue of Limitations

You may recall that the protests in Charlottesville over the weekend (which turned violent after left-wing counter-protesters attacked the ugly but peaceful assembly) were sparked in protest of a Confederate statue being torn down. Apparently not content to let the blood dry on this tragedy, and fulfilling Vox Populi’s ironclad rule that SJWs always […]

From The Trailer Park - The Death of Stalin

After the death of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leadership scrambles and squabbles to fill the power vacuum left behind. Stars Steve Buscemi, Jason Isaacs, Jeffrey Tambor, Paddy Considine, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Palin.

Armando Iannucci (Veep, In The Loop) finally brings his gift for political satire to a deserving target: communist bureaucracy. Based on […]

The Center Cannot Hold


is not hyperbole (I’ll quote from his article below my take). This really is a cold civil war. It’s not left against right or progressives against conservatives; it’s our government bureaucracy vs. the citizenry.

Some of you recently wrote about evil characters in movies and television that scared you the most and […]

Friday Open Thread

H/t the Occupy Democrats Logic FB page. Yes, this is really the kind of argument they use to justify universal healthcare.

From The Trailer Park - House of Cards Season 5

The newest season of Netflix’s pitch-black dramedy about corrupt, narcissistic, power-mad Democrats (in other words, Democrats being Democrats).

As the last season ended, the Machiavellian President Underwood (supurb Kevin Spacey) and his cold-blooded Hillary-esque wife (equally good Robin Wright), their power threatened by a Republican challenger (Joel Kinnaman), have started pretending to be […]

Wilson's Ministry of Information

The Smithsonian has an interesting article about how Woodrow Wilson created what one journalist called “the nation’s first Ministry of Information” in order to spread propaganda and control the media during WWI:

In its crusade to “make the world safe for democracy,” the Wilson administration took immediate steps at home to curtail one of […]

Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton from Whatever She Is Doing | Vanity Fair

It seems some on the Left, other than Sandernistas, are tired of the Clinton schtick. Good read from Vanity Fair.

Perhaps the best way to start is by revisiting some of Chelsea’s major post-2008 forays into the public eye. Starting in 2012, she began to allow glossy magazines to profile her, and she picked up […]