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Albert Einstein discusses Relativity with students at Lincoln University (PA) in May 1946

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The X-15

Wednesday Open Thread

Pele executing a bicycle kick at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, 1965.

Winter In The Land of the Rising Sun

If you’re one of those people who enjoys the beauty of winter scenery, you probably couldn’t find a better travel destination than Shirakawa-go, a small village nestled in the mountains of Japan that happens to be one of the snowiest places on Earth. From The Smithsonian:

The picturesque mountain village of Shirakawa-go — which literally […]

Creepiest Magic Show Evar

One of the things that impresses me about magicians, especially in this day and age, is how they are able to use the trappings of showbiz to make their own show a completely unique experience, even if the tricks and illusions are not new. This young woman gave an absolutely incredible performance on Asia’s Got […]

Saturday Open Thread

Northern lights in Oulu, Finland

Newborn At 24

Recent technological advances have led to some amazing childbirth stories, but none quite like the story of Emma Wren, a baby girl who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on November 25th. What makes her birth so unique? She is a lot older than she looks; prior to her birth last month, she was an […]

Sunday Open Thread

Johnny Cash shakes a hand during a concert at Folsom State Prison, 1968

Saturday Open Thread 

Operation Baby Lift… over 3,300 Vietnamese orphans were airlifted to the U.S. in 1975.

Thursday Open Thread 

Dinosaur being delivered to Boston Museum of Science in 1984. (Photo by Arthur Pollock) via Tumblr