Fighting Fake Dictators At Home While Loving Real Ones Abroad

Over the past year, we’ve been told by the left that any action by their side is excusable, including violently assaulting people in the streets, because Trump is a kinda-sorta-maybe-someday dictator, and therefore must be stopped by any means necessary. Well, I’m not sure I agree with their Machiavellian logic, or their broad-brush generalizations of […]

Trump's Catch-22 Economy

Just a friendly reminder that liberals don’t believe in anything except what is convenient for them at the moment. Two different recent posts from the same ultra-liberal Facebook page:

So to summarize: the economy is terrible and it’s Trump’s responsibility, and also the economy is great and it’s Obama’s responsibility. All at the same […]

#OscarsSoIrrelevant - Random Thoughts on the Oscar Nominations

So the Academy has released the nominations for the 2018 Oscars. It’s tough, I know, but try to contain your excitement. Most of the nominated movies are completely irrelevant to 95% of the moviegoing public, and Hollywood stopped giving a crap about that a long time ago – at this point, they’re just patting […]

2017 - The Year Liberals Lost Comics #Comicsgate

Back when our comics were written by people with common sense.

2017 was undoubtedly a year of high-profile conservative wins (the economy came roaring back, ISIS was virtually defeated, many of Trump’s key agenda was passed successfully) and liberal defeats (the Trump “resistance” was full of impotent freakouts and flame-outs, liberal attempts to control […]

The Population Bomb: How A Fake Catastrophe Created A Real One

On the 50th anniversary of its publication, The left-wing Smithsonian Magazine takes a critical look at Paul Ehrlich’s infamous environmentalist screed The Population Bomb and the horrific effects that its overpopulation panic led to.

The first sentence set the tone: “The battle to feed all of humanity is over.” And humanity had lost. […]

Their Skirts Were Too Short

If you want to know which side of the freedom/tyranny divide the left-wing media sits on, check out this New York times headline about the Iranian protests:

“Ignored calls for calm”. That’s how the New York Times describes people protesting for their rights against a tyrannical regime. Thus far the “clamping down” by […]

Stop The Hammering!

It’s safe to say that the liberal media didn’t have a good year, after their best efforts failed to get Hillary elected to Obama’s third term, and they realized they didn’t control the narrative. “Reporters” took the loss pretty badly all across the board, but none handled it worse than the mental patients in suits […]

Bullied To Death By The Left

One of the regular arguments we hear from the feminist Left is that we should embrace pornography because it’s “empowering”: women sell their own bodies, make a lot of money and it’s their choice, so who gets hurt, right? Bodily autonomy and all that. Well, a porn star named August Ames learned just how […]

The President's Perfect Pocahontas Ploy

Anyone who reads my posts or comments knows I’m not a Trump fan who thinks that everything he says or tweets is some kind of genius 3D Underwater Chess move to defeat his enemies – quite frankly, I think a lot of it is just an egotistical guy running off at the mouth. That […]

My Opinion Does Not Violate Your Freedom

Prager U recently released the following video, in which singer Joy Villa states unequivocally that “Everyone should stand for the National Anthem”.

It’s a pretty good video, and one that I overwhelmingly agree with. But when it was posted on Prager’s Facebook page, I was struck by how many people posted snarky comments […]