Sunday Open Thread

Albert Einstein discusses Relativity with students at Lincoln University (PA) in May 1946

Jordan Peterson on Psychology and The Bible

Rufus recently posted an interesting debate between Professor Jordan Peterson and a feminist BBC reporter who tried to twist his words into bigotry, which Peterson handled with brilliant logic and intellectual rigor.

Since this interview, and the attention it generated seems to have put Dr. Peterson on the map, it seems like a good […]

I Have a Dream... but First... an Exam!

Back in 1962, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a visiting professor at Morehouse College… this is exam from that course. I wouldn’t have agreed with some of his non-civil rights stances (his support of LBJ over Goldwater, or his stance on Vietnam policy — overall, not the clusterf*** LBJ perpetrated), but people often overlook […]

Thank God for Jordan Peterson!

If you have 29:55 I highly recommend watching this video. I intend to watch it many times, to learn his techniques and work towards mastering them. He is so good at staying calm. Andrew Klavan has been podcasting and writing recently about how elements of the Left are trying to silence debate with epithets. […]

Wednesday Open Thread

Ready for a new semester…

Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth...

The Valley of Elah from Azekah

Recently I co-led a group of 40 college students to Israel for a 10-day stem to stern tour that covered both biblical and political Israel – not hard given the close proximity of both in such a small land space. I don’t know that I’ve yet processed the […]

Jenna Fischer's Enlightening Ignorance on Education Spending

Last weekend, actress Jenna Fischer (best known as Pam from The Office) decided to opine on the new tax bill, posting the following tweet, since deleted:

I can’t stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes…something they shouldn’t have to pay for with […]

Make It Memorable

It’s a cliche, but it’s true. Those of us who are in our 30s and above have probably noticed that the older we get, the more time seems to speed by, whereas when we were younger, things seemed slower. Obviously this is all due to perception – time passes at the same rate no […]

Tuesday Open Thread

Last night I gave a speech at our leadership institute entitled “Civility in Uncivil Times” the gist of which is that we are not necessarily more uncivil than other times in our past (as the above cartoon printed by Andrew Jackson supporters in 1828 attests — ditto JQA’s followers hounding Mrs. Jackson to her […]

Raising Financially Literate Kids

Rachel Cruze, financial expert (and daughter of Dave Ramsey) with some very good suggestions for us parents on how to give our kids a good financial education, so that they don’t grow up to be broke, entitled snowflakes. (Man, Prager U has been killin’ it with their videos lately.)

Her advice is definitely a […]