Still time to get on the good foot

One day, John Ziegler should get an engraved apology from ESPN (much as Rocky Balboa should have gotten after beating Clubber Lang). Till then, please take the time to marvel in his Pulitzer-worthy research, which continues to debunk everything you think you know about the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky SCAMdal.

On February 9th, 2001 the […]

R.I.P. -- Oscar Gamble

Because we couldn’t find any local baseball card shop who had it, 20 years ago my roommate and I embarked on a journey to find a 1976 Topps announcing Oscar Gamble’s trade from the Indians to the Yankees. A journeyman in every sense of the word — and a helluva low-ball hitter according to […]

One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Despite a media and Michigan State rabid to play connect-the-dots with the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky SCAMdal, just not true. I’ll allow the world’s foremost expert on the latter break it down with the beliw, with much more food for critical thought at this link.

I literally laughed at one headline in the New York […]

Can’t We Talk About This?

Now showing on Amazon Prime. If you have the means, essential viewing.

R.I.P. — Pat DiNizio

Very sad to share The Smithereens’ lead singer Pat DiNizio passed away today, leaving behind an amazing power-pop catalog which populated college rock and MTV from the mid-80s through early-90s. Currently no details on the cause of death from their Facebook page, but if his physical shape from a year ago, when I saw him […]

Gimme some sugar

Won’t even begin to list the wide-ranging bands who made the editor’s cut of 75 bands “playing” in this clip. Enjoy.

The Mob Drools

John Ziegler’s red-hot column on how an ignorant Twitter mob is trying to destroy Greg Schiano due to allegations related to Jerry Sandusky, and how they could NOT possibly be more wrong. The truth, as always, readily available for any willing to digest it.

The backlash against his hire, fueled largely by Tennessee based radio […]

Punchlines that were never there

New(re-?)found respect for Jim Carrey after watching Netflix’s “Jim & Andy — The Great Beyond.” Great self-evaluation of his rise and stumbles from Carrey as he inter-weaves previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage when shooting Man on the Moon. Highly, highly recommended.

Better late than gone forever

Thank God for patience and perserverence. More should-be bombshells at the full LawNewz story.

To the vast majority of people, both in the news media and not, the “Penn State Scandal” is extremely old news and as dead and decided as Harvey Weinstein’s movie-making career. However, for a growing number of some of those still […]

R.I.P., Tom Petty

As details remain pending on specifics beyond cardiac arrest, shocked and saddened with news of Tom Petty’s passing. Here are a few favorites …