Monday Open Thread

If you ever get to L.A. and love jazz… I highly recommend Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Grill… fantastic music and food. Took Mrs. Turbo to celebrate our 21st so the company was also exquisite.

Sunday Open Thread 

McDonald’s in Israel is 10,000x better…no cheeseburger given the stricter religious clientele in Jerusalem, but the patty was thick, the veggies fresh and the bun great too. The fries were the same though…. Tel Aviv had a lot more non-kosher options.

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Eat all your turkey!

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Chinese snack foods are Unitarian. 

Zuck Gets It

Amazing as it seems, the last election has actually woken some prominent liberals up to the fact that they are officially out of touch with middle America, and need to take steps to reach out to the heartland if they ever want to win it over. (Apparently, mocking regular folks and calling them racists […]

Sunday Open Thread

Andy Warhol shops for groceries sometime in the early 1960s

Sunday Open Thread 

Wait. What?