Monday Open Thread

If you ever get to L.A. and love jazz… I highly recommend Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Grill… fantastic music and food. Took Mrs. Turbo to celebrate our 21st so the company was also exquisite.

Thursday Open Thread

Salvador and Walt Disney…Spain 1957

Jimmy's Mini-Reviews: What I've Been Watching

I’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff lately, but I don’t have time to give these movies/shows the write-ups they deserve, so here are some bite-size reviews to enjoy.

The Conjuring – someone here recommended this one in the comments (I can’t remember who), but I’m glad they did. Despite having almost no blood […]

Thank God for Jordan Peterson!

If you have 29:55 I highly recommend watching this video. I intend to watch it many times, to learn his techniques and work towards mastering them. He is so good at staying calm. Andrew Klavan has been podcasting and writing recently about how elements of the Left are trying to silence debate with epithets. […]

Creepiest Magic Show Evar

One of the things that impresses me about magicians, especially in this day and age, is how they are able to use the trappings of showbiz to make their own show a completely unique experience, even if the tricks and illusions are not new. This young woman gave an absolutely incredible performance on Asia’s Got […]

Sunday Open Thread 

Monday Night Mashup - 2017 Movie Trailers

From YouTuber Sleepy Skunk, an incredible six-minute mashup of all the movies/movie trailers from the entire year. Call it a year-end highlights reel, if you will. Enjoy:

Friday Open Thread 

KiSS, London 1976

Classic Ignorance

Here’s an interesting op-ed from a couple of weeks ago from the New York Post about Millennial ignorance of classic movies.

It appears that the “Golden Age of Cinema” has lost its sheen to the young over the years, as millennials are turning their back on classic movies.

A new study finds that […]

Cruz Missle Locked!

For the record, I entirely agree with the comic Floyd posted in today’s OT – Twitter is garbage. That said, there are exceptions, and one of them is named Ted Cruz. Take this exchange, in which a NY Times reporter actually attacks him and Marco Rubio for denouncing the hate groups in Charlottesville, and Cruz […]