The Walking Thread: Start to Finish (S6:E8)

DAYUM! In terms of pure, sustained intensity, “Start to Finish” is one of the best episodes in the show’s run so far. It redeems the slower recent episodes, delivering one nail-biting scene after another while still balancing things out with some powerful character-driven moments. As mid-season finales go, it’s everything we could ask for. […]

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Good Charlotte. All they do is piss and moan…

Monday Open Thread

St. Thomas by Caravaggio

…roasted on an open fire.

I think this guy was facing the other way:

A suspected burglar who became stuck in a chimney in Central California died Saturday afternoon after the unsuspecting homeowner lit a fire, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said.

The incident occurred at around 3 p.m. and firefighters who responded to the Huron home found a […]

Sunday Open Thread

Advent and Triumph of Christ by Hans Memling (1480)

Sunday Gospel

Saturday Song

It’s easy when you fall in love, but there ain’t no easy way out.

Saturday Open Thread

From Lar’s and Eric’s Facebook timelines

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The Kinks.

Here’s hoping you find some deals on Black Friday!

History is Made in West Texas

Well, this is where all that sweet Amazon money that Bezos makes is going to…

A 100% totally reusable spacecraft, landed vertically from sub-orbit… bet you didn’t see this on the evening news.