The Walking Thread: Knots Untie (S6:E11)

Jesus truly is a peacemaker.

While not as intense or eventful as most recent episodes, “Knots Untie” does a very effective job of setting up the rest of the season plot-wise while still remaining entertaining and watchable throughout. Primarily this is due to the kind of excellent character development and exciting action we’ve come […]

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Monday Open Thread

George C. Scott and Timothy Hutton on the set of Taps.

Sunday Open Thread

Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd — Vespal Virgins — from the set of Ben Hur

Talk Softly and Carry a Big Brain

I’ve been binging on Ben Shapiro debate videos lately – they are the chicken soup that nourishes my conservative soul. The man is an artist at demolishing liberal logic (you might even call him a…master debater). Check out this excerpt from a race forum he recently joined at the University of Washington, in which he […]

Saturday Open Thread

Anna May Wong

For Scott…

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It’s easy to fall in love, but there ain’t no easy way out.

Friday Open Thread

Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews from the set of Mary Poppins

A World That Shouldn't Exist

Ever since us Earthlings figured out that our planet isn’t the center of the universe, we’ve been in a bit of an existential quandary over the fact that we’re basically just another rock floating in space among trillions. Or are we? A new study concludes that the Earth might be a lot more unique […]

From The Trailer Park - Be Here Now

A documentary about actor Andy Whitfield, who became famous as the star of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” before dying of lymphoma at age 39.