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The Ohio Players.

Friday Open Thread 

1949 Delahaye Type 175 Roadster

So Long Playboy, I Knew You Well

There is nothing worse than seeing something in the twilight of it’s glory years try and hang on only to fail miserably.

Many of us of a certain age saw our first naked woman in the pages of Playboy magazine. For a time there the magazine specialized in featuring women that while they posed for […]

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Ready, Fire, Aim!


is rather fascinating. I don’t pay a lot of attention to the retail world, but I had heard about Target instituting their, “pee wherever you want to” policy and I had heard mention of a boycott. I didn’t know the boycott was that official, nor did I know just how much Target’s […]

Thursday Open Thread 

Ulysses S. Grant reading on his porch. Thought to be the last photo taken of him before his death in 1885.

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Edwin Starr.

From The Trailer Park - Beyond Glory

A documentary about actor Stephen Lang (Avatar, Tombstone) and his one-man show which tells the stories of eight Medal of Honor recipients from WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

Opens in select theaters in October.

Wednesday Open Thread 

Wept when it was all done ...

Jose Fernandez, still at the beginning of what figured to be a stellar career, on and off the field. Thurman Munson, at the end of a stellar career on the field, and, by all indications, on the brink of a successful real estate life off it.

Both always pursuing something seemingly a little beyond their […]