“Great” Britain joined Moloch today as it enforced the order to kill, excuse me, let die, Charlie Gard.

And forever shame on Pope Francis… shame shame shame.

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Tumblr Dumblr: Ultimate Gender Confusion Edition

The older I get, the harder it is for me to remember that every new generation has to learn everything all over again through new eyes. Thus, sometimes the simplest stuff that has been obvious to me for decades can be downright confounding to millennials who came of age in a more “woke” era.


Friday Open Thread

Strolling down Interwebs memory lane a bit — whatever happened to June Cleaver After a Sixpack?

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Joan Jett and some bum from Minneapolis.

Thursday Open Thread

Michael Caine — Photos by Michael Duffy (1964)

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Threedonians Read

So I wrapped up my Summer grad course and I always give the students a lit of things I’ve read, am reading and will read this year. Here is a sampling of that list. Pause you Ad Blocker or Pop Blocker for the love of Pete for our site. 🙂 It’s been over 10 years, […]

From the Trailer Park — The Greatest Showman

Wednesday Open Thread