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Glen Campbell.

A Tale Of Two Comics

If it’s true that artists reveal their true souls through their art, then a political comic would definitely be a good means to do that. So let’s consider two comics about the rescues of people in the path of Hurricane Harvey, by blue-staters of different political persuasions.

First, the now-infamous one by liberal Matt Wuerker […]

Chris Cornell Showed Us The Correct Response To Hate Groups

With Antifa and other radical left-wing groups running wild in the streets, rioting and assaulting people, their fellow leftists in the media, academia, etc. have been justifying their actions by calling their opponents “hateful”, and thus the rioters are “fighting hate”. Of course, this is not even close to approaching reality: by a conservative […]

Thursday Open Thread

This nation is not racist or antifa idiots… most everyone in the country gets along most of the time… and especially when it counts the most.

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David Lee Roth.

Tumblr Dumblr: Everyone Is Gay Now

No, this is not a parody. This is a real, sincere post that someone left on Tumblr.

Apparently the entire process by which humanity has reproduced itself for thousands of years is nothing more than a social construct, and the 97-98% of us who are straight have been brainwashed into it by society. […]

From The Trailer Park - Killing Gunther

A group of assassins plot to kill Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the world’s greatest hitman. He proves to be alot harder to kill than they anticipated. Also stars Taran Killiam and Cobie Smulders.

Written and directed by SNL vet Killiam, this looks like a goofy but entertaining action-comedy. God bless Arnold for once again […]

Wednesday Open Thread 

“Beware of Death”… Western Front in WW1

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Lyle Lovett.

Race-Swap Hypocrisy

So actor Ed Skrein, who is best known for playing the villain in Deadpool, was recently cast to play a character named Ben Daimio in the next Hellboy movie. However, in the comics Daimio is part Asian, and once it got out that an all-white actor was playing him, the news was met with […]