Saturday Open Thread

The Mind of Rufus

In the ’80s, when Ronald Reagan was our President, there were many on the Left insisting that we were moments away from living in a Christian theocracy that would forbid freedom of expression and destroy the Arts.

Less than a decade after electing Barack Obama President people are destroying works of art and forbidding […]

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Friday Open Thread 

KiSS, London 1976

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Peter Gabriel. “Shut your mouth …”

Democrats Are Woke To The Patriarchy

Most people are under the impression that dystopian sci-fi Hollywood stories like The Handmaid’s Tale and The Stepford Wives were intended as metaphors for women’s rights on issues like abortion and the workplace. But on the contrary, did you know we are actually living in an Islamic-style patriarchy where millions of American women are […]

Thursday Open Thread 

Pablo Escobar and family at Disneyland.

That's A Fail!

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Sending out this long distance dedication to NCAA Men’s basketball coaches, players, families of players, apparel companies, and fans everywhere…

Wednesday Open Thread 

1880 Prototype for a, uh, mobile telephone.