Russian Bare?

Russian radio traffic from their beating at the hands of U.S. troops in Syria last week has found its way to Voice of America radio… and transcripts are delicious. Here’s the first one:

“The reports that are on TV about … well, you know, about Syria and the 25 people that are wounded there from […]

Saturday Open Thread

Shot from The Revenant (2015)

Dir. of Photography : Emmanuel Lubezki

Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu

More Shots:

Mass Shootings: Lies And Statistics

It’s a narrative we hear all the time, from politicians, pundits, celebrities, professors, anyone with a voice in the media after any shooting spree: the gun-loving United States has more mass shootings than anyone else in the Western world. Other developed countries, who have gun bans, don’t have to deal with these kinds of […]

Friday Open Thread

Erick Erickson Doesn't Understand The Welfare State

Recently, the Trump administration has announced a controversial plan to replace the current EBT card system for welfare recipients with a new plan that involves shipping boxes of food out to people’s homes. The plan is designed to save American taxpayers’ money by cutting out wastefulness and abuse of the system, and by buying […]

The Real Assault Weapon

Ramirez’s Latest.

Thursday Open Thread

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Mr. Mister

Wednesday Open Thread

High jump… 1908 Olympics in Lodon

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Van Halen.